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  • Susan May

Audiblegate! The incredible true story of missing sales

Here's an ALLEGED tale of a giant in the tech and online retail industry you'll struggle to believe. If it wasn't happening to me and many, many authors, I'd think it can't be true, that it might be an exaggeration. Grab a coffee or tea or even an alcoholic beverage and let me take you into the Twilight Zone of the audiobook business, where the company who now controls a majority of the publishing industry, the same company who calls themselves the most customer-centric company in the world is fleecing authors blind, emphasis on blind (since they've been hiding it very well for years.) Your favorite authors, me included, have been used in a program by Amazon called Audible. You might have heard of them. They're just a little audiobook company that it seems may be losing market share, or something has worried them, so they've found a way around the one thing standing between them and mega-profits: paying their content providers. You know, the little guys who spend months, years even, creating a story, then producing an audiobook to keep their readers happy and hopefully bolster their mostly meagre income in order to feed their family or pay for enough coffee to write their next book.

Returns have been actively hidden from Rights Holders and we have been robbed in broad daylight (or blank spreadsheet).