• Susan May

Just Soar...

Bailey Year 7 and final Year 12 graduating

This is a story about my family and one shared by a proud mother, but it's also a story of bravery and one that may inspire you or someone you care about if you choose to share. It might also give a good deal of hope to anyone who has a child with dyslexia or a learning disability or anyone has been diagnosed with this. This young man (pictured first year of high school & year twelve), who has graduated school a few months ago in October 2018, began high school year seven as an undiagnosed severe dyslexic. He had a reading age of an eight year old (year three), couldn’t tell the time and added up on his fingers. I spent most of his primary school years talking to teachers and trying to get to the bottom of why he struggled because he seemed intelligent. Each time I brought up dyslexia, they assure