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  • Susan May

Just Soar...

Bailey Year 7 and final Year 12 graduating

This is a story about my family and one shared by a proud mother, but it's also a story of bravery and one that may inspire you or someone you care about if you choose to share. It might also give a good deal of hope to anyone who has a child with dyslexia or a learning disability or anyone has been diagnosed with this. This young man (pictured first year of high school & year twelve), who has graduated school a few months ago in October 2018, began high school year seven as an undiagnosed severe dyslexic. He had a reading age of an eight year old (year three), couldn’t tell the time and added up on his fingers. I spent most of his primary school years talking to teachers and trying to get to the bottom of why he struggled because he seemed intelligent. Each time I brought up dyslexia, they assured me that if he didn't swap his "P's" and "Q's" around, then he didn't have dyslexia. I simply believed the experts and didn't even Google it, can you believe? Eventually, on his entrance test to high school, the psychologist called me and explained that he would be placed in classes for kids who needed support. I explained to her that I had expected this and had planned to have what I called "The Conversation" with all his teachers. This was my annual chat beginning of each year to discuss his challenges. I wanted them to understand that I knew