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  • Susan May

What's on at the movies Nov 24 2016?

a moment of thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA as I write this, and even though we Aussies don't have a thanksgiving day, I am always reminded this time of year that we take so much for granted.

I wish there was a world Thanksgiving day so we could all stop for a moment and take stock of our lives. Now some people may not have a lot to be grateful for, but many like my family, are fortunate and wealthy. Not in dollars but in enjoying a wonderful close family and living without fear.

My thoughts are with any human being who is displaced, not permitted to express their beliefs without fear, or who doesn't enjoy the basics of life like shelter, food, and clothing. We try and do our bit here but I'm reminded we should do more.

Thank you to my friends in the USA for reminding us on this day every year that we must give thanks. I am grateful for my life, my family and for so many wonderful people who support my writing career. I will never stop pinching myself and thanking my lucky stars and you.