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What's on at the movies Oct 6 2016?

I'm back from my holidays and even though I didn't attend any previews I still recorded the film spot and Jenny and I ran through the new releases for the week.


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The Girl on the Train Opens October 6

I read this book before it was a big hit. Last year, and even this year, it is probably the highest selling book worldwide. This was the first book from author Paula Hawkins and so this was an unexpected success.

There have been some complaints that an English set novel has been transported into an American setting. Clearly a move for box office receipts. However casting Emily Blunt was genius as she has the acting skills to make this work. Whenever you mention this film to someone they usually say, “Oh I love Emily Blunt.” Should be a big hit like “Gone Girl.

Film Blurb

Based on the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train is an electrifying thriller directed by Tate Taylor (The Help) and starring Emily Blunt. Devastated by her recent divorce, Rachel (Blunt) spends her daily commute fantasising about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds.

Snowden ✪✪✪ Opens October 6

Directed by Peter Berg (Battleship, Friday Night Lights, Hancock) who also directed Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor is becoming well known for his action films.

Deepwater Horizon looks to be a cross between Poseidon Adventure and action dramatization. Can’t really go wrong casting Mark Wahlberg and Kate Hudson as a pair and then throwing in John Malkovich and Kurt Russell. Incidentally Kurt Russell is step-dad to Kate Hudson.

On Rotten Tomatoes the film has received a decided thumbs up with a score of 83%: Critics Consensus: Deepwater Horizon makes effective use of its titular man-made disaster to deliver an uncommonly serious -- yet still suitably gripping -- action thriller. Sounds great. I’m going to catch it this weekend.

Film Blurb

On April 20th, 2010, one of the world's largest man-made disasters occurred on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. Directed by Peter Berg (Lone Survivor), this story honors the brave men and women whose heroism would save many on board, and change everyone's lives forever.

The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe Opens October 6

Film Blurb

showing at Luna Leederville

THE BAULKHAM HILLS AFRICAN LADIES TROUPE, is a feature documentary which played the Sydney Film Festival and MIFF 2016. With just one screening at the Sydney Film Festival, the film was voted in the top 5 audience favourites for Australian documentaries. THE BAULKHAM HILLS AFRICAN LADIES TROUPE follows the story of four charismatic and inspirational African women, now living in Australia, who, with the help of acclaimed theatre director Ros Horin, turned their stories of survival into a joyous theatre of humanity that has filled theatres from across their new country to the other side of the world.


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