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  • Susan May

The Darkest Hour (encore review)

Invisible aliens star in an invisible plot

I just reviewed Ben-Hur, which I learned during my research was directed by the same director as one of the worst films I've reviewed in my career. This was also one of the few reviews that I really had a ball writing by inserting a touch more snarky humour. I thought you might enjoy this encore review of The Darkest Hour, which I wrote in 2012, and I've brought over from an old original film review blog of mine. This was published in US Suspense Magazine four years ago and, at the time, my editor wrote and asked in future to warn her if I was about to beat up a film as she ended up snorting her coffee out of her nose while reading this. Enjoy and leave a comment on the worst film you have seen?


'The Darkest Hour' should be renamed 'The Darkest 89 Minutes of Cinema'. After recently

watching one of the best sci-fi films of the past decade 'Attack the Block’, I believe there should be a moratorium on films involving aliens invading the planet. We have seen the best and we don’t need any more.