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  • Susan May

The Big Secret

Google “Advice on Writing”. Go on. The result you will receive is about 258 million results in 0.32 seconds—that’s quick. That tells me there are millions of people giving advice on writing to the millions who wish to write and are searching for the definitive answer.

There are a thousand books on it too, and do not forget the workshops—oh and the writing groups. My lovely librarian recently walked me over to a poster on the library wall. She knows I write. I tell everyone I am a writer—I enjoy the funny looks I get.

So she pointed at the poster and said, ‘Would you like to come to this? It’s a workshop on writing. Only five dollars.’ We both peered at the poster. There was another poster alongside it, on journaling for children, ten to fourteen years.

‘The journaling might be better, I think—for the children.’ I wanted to say, I don’t do workshops but I thought that sounded a little arrogant. Instead, I said,